Come join MITH Thursday 10/13 for a Night Against Hate!

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Please join us at MITH (and remotely) this Thursday to gather with others looking to learn from each other about how to investigate and thwart hate speech in social media. At our Night Against Hate event we will collaboratively try to link the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Extremist Files to social media accounts. This list can then be used by researchers to examine the effect that these groups are having online. In addition, we hope to use this event to learn from each other about emerging tools and techniques of self care while working online.

We will be collaboratively editing a Google Sheet that is loaded with the SPLC data. So in order to participate you will need a Google account, or to work with someone else who has one. To facilitate remote (and on site) participation we will also be gathering in the #resisthate channel in the Digital Humanities Slack. If you are going to be working remotely and aren’t already a part of DH Slack please join by filling out this form. DH Slack’s Code of Conduct provides a constructive and harassment free space for this work to happen in.

To help us organize the event, we will be working in 30 min (ish) sprints with short 10 minute breaks in-between to share reflections of this work, techniques for self-care, and emerging research questions.

We encourage folks joining us remotely to work in pairs or with friends. Always take a break when you need it. We will have moderators attending to the Slack Channel and Twitter #ResistHate. Share your tips and methods for self-care at any time.

Please use the hashtag #resisthate if you are sharing the event in social media.

🍕🍕 will be provided for those who can make it to MITH!

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