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18 Oct 2011

Travis Brown to Lead Research and Development as Assistant Director

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The Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) is pleased to announce the appointment of Travis Brown as Assistant Director of Research and Development. Travis previously served as R&D Software Developer at MITH. As Assistant Director, Travis will lead MITH’s research and development initiatives, as part of our focus on innovative research agendas in

10 Oct 2011

Interedition Bootcamp Wuerzburg: Day 3 & 4

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The past two days have been a flurry of coding, sometimes even going on to 1-2 in the morning. This group is highly enthusiastic about making progress in their individual groups. This energy has been pretty contagious and I've had less time for blogging. Regardless, here's some reports from the Interedition Bootcamp weekend: Saturday night

26 Sep 2011

What’s Happening at MITH?

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Tuesday, September 20th kicked-off our Digital Dialogues for the 2011-12 academic year. We had an excellent turnout for our talk given by Aditi Muralidharan, doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley, who spoke on the methods and challenges of text-analysis in the digital humanities. Listen to the podcast and follow Aditi's slides here if you missed it.

31 Aug 2011

Introducing the MITH Monitor

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As another academic year begins, I have the happy opportunity of welcoming you all back to MITH for what promises to be another exciting, event-laden year. In the past, I’ve taken this opportunity to review some of the highlights from the previous year and provide a few coming attractions. This year, however, we are beginning a

29 Aug 2011

Faculty Fellowships Open Up New Avenues for Research Collaboration

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We very much look forward to working with three University of Maryland faculty as their research fellowships begin this Fall. Through this partnership, MITH will play a role in software and design consultation, project management guidance, building and deploying web applications, and providing workspace for the Fellows’ teams. Faculty fellows will blog on their work-in-progress

26 Jul 2011

Digital Amphitheatres, Virtual Odea: Announcing the Launch of Theatre Finder

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As a young student at Oxford, Franklin J. Hildy, found himself returning to school after a six-week tour of Europe only to realize that he had often been within proximity of a historic theatre, but had inadvertently bypassed it without knowing it was there. In an effort to provide a comprehensive study to historic theatres

25 Jul 2011

Born-Digital Materials at UVA’s Rare Book School

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It's a privilege and thrill to be returning this week to teach for a second time at the University of Virginia's Rare Book School. My course, which I'm co-teaching with Naomi Nelson (Director of Special Collections at Duke) is on Born-Digital Materials. That may sound strange, but RBS has had the vision to recognize that

21 Jul 2011

MITH Welcomes New Assistant Director

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The Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer Guiliano as Assistant Director. As Assistant Director, Jennifer will help initiate and manage MITH’s grant projects, work with our Fellows, and supervise our development team of programmers, web designers, graduate students, and interns. Jennifer currently serves as Associate

15 Jul 2011

MITH Awarded Amazon Web Services Grant

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We are pleased to announce that MITH has been awarded an Amazon Web Services research grant for $7,500 to support our use of cloud computing services over the next two years. We are currently using Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances to perform natural language processing tasks on large text corpora, including a collection of approximately

18 Jun 2011

MITH Welcomes New Associate Director

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The University of Maryland Libraries and the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities are very pleased to announce the joint appointment of Trevor Muñoz as an Assistant Dean of the Libraries for Digital Humanities Research and an Associate Director of MITH. Trevor Muñoz holds an MA (with distinction) in Digital Humanities from King’s College,