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28 Sep 2011

10/04 MITH Digital Dialogue: Robert K. Nelson, “Hardtack and Software: Topic Modeling in Civil War Newspapers”

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Tuesday, October 4, 12:30-1:45PM MITH Seminar Room, McKeldin Library B0131 “Hardtack and Software: Topic Modeling in Civil War Newspapers” by ROBERT K. NELSON During the Civil War, newspaper editors in the Union and Confederacy were called upon to help motivate their male readers to die and to kill for their respective countries.  This presentation will

22 Sep 2011

9/27 MITH Digital Dialogue: David Mimno, “Computational Historiography in a Century of Classics Journals”

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Tuesday, September 27, 12:30-1:45PM MITH Seminar Room, McKeldin Library B0131 “Computational Historiography in a Century of Classics Journals” by DAVID MIMNO What do you do with a book? Until recently, this has not been a difficult question, but the creation of massive databases of digitized documents has begun to enable researchers to explore new possibilities.

14 Sep 2011

9/20 MITH Digital Dialogue: Aditi Muralidharan, “Large Scale Text Analysis in the Digital Humanities: Methods and Challenges”

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Tuesday, September 20, 12:30-1:45PM MITH Seminar Room, McKeldin Library B0131 "Large Scale Text Analysis in the Digital Humanities: Methods and Challenges" by ADITI MURALIDHARAN To tackle increasingly large digitized archives of text, the digital humanities community has responded with an avid interest in text mining and visualization. Everywhere one looks these days, computer scientists are

6 Sep 2011

Announcing Our Fall Digital Dialogues!

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Fall is here! And with the new semester brings a stellar list of speakers for our fall Digital Dialogues. Digital Dialogues is a speaker series hosted by The Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH). Talks are open to the public, and guests are welcome to bring their lunches. The Fall 2011 Schedule: September

26 Jul 2011

Digital Amphitheatres, Virtual Odea: Announcing the Launch of Theatre Finder

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As a young student at Oxford, Franklin J. Hildy, found himself returning to school after a six-week tour of Europe only to realize that he had often been within proximity of a historic theatre, but had inadvertently bypassed it without knowing it was there. In an effort to provide a comprehensive study to historic theatres

1 Jul 2011

Project Bamboo: Building Shared Infrastructure for Humanities Research

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Several MITH staff members are currently working on Project Bamboo, a partnership of ten research universities, led by University of California, Berkeley, and including Australian National University; Indiana University; Northwestern University; Tufts University; University of Chicago; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; University of Maryland; University of Oxford; and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Within Bamboo, MITH is

23 Jun 2011

You Say Tomayto, I Say Tomahto: Announcing the Visual Accent and Dialect Archive (VADA)

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Why do residents in the Italian neighborhood of Philadelphia pronounce words like “home” and “hoagie” in a Scottish dialect? Questions such as these have long drawn the curiosity of linguistics and language scholars. Up until now, audio recordings served as the primary source material for those studying accent and dialect history. Now, thanks to Leigh

7 Jun 2011

Frankenstein Goes Digital: Recent NEH Award to Build Shelley-Godwin Archive

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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein, also titled The Modern Prometheus, stands as one of the most widely read novels of the Romantic era since its publication in 1818. No more so than now may Frankenstein be called the modern Prometheus, or rather, the digital Prometheus (bringing intellectual fire without the unpleasant ending). Maryland Institute for Technology

18 May 2011

MITH is Moving On!

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Yesterday we trekked over to Hornbake Library to check out MITH's future location. After 12 years in McKeldin Library, additional staff and research expansion warrant a more robust space, and we're excited. Amid the current occupant large book collection and VHS film archive, Director Neil Fraistat helped us envision an open-floor layout twice the size

9 May 2011

Documenting Dance: Upcoming Event Monday 5/16 at the Kennedy Center

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Renowned ballerina Suzanne Farrell performed an exceptional 28 years before retiring from an established and widely-accomplished career. Having danced for world-famous companies in Berlin, New York City, Paris and Vienna, Farrell gained an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and expertise that she then chose to pass down to the next generation of dancers as teacher and