9/21 MITH Digital Dialogue: MappingDC, OpenStreetMap Mapping Party

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9/21 MITH Digital Dialogue: MappingDC, OpenStreetMap Mapping Party

A MITH Digital Dialogue
Tuesday, September 21st, 12:30-1:45
MITH Conference Room, McKeldin Library B0135

“OpenStreetMap Mapping Party” organized by MAPPINGDC

OpenStreetMap is an open and freely editable map of the world that anyone (including you!) can contribute to. This session has been organized as a mapping party; a social event where a group of mappers and novices descend on an area to map. A brief overview of OSM will be given including its uses in the world before participants organize into small groups and walk a block in College Park. After documenting map features using pen and paper, we’ll learn how to import the data into the site using our computers and the OpenStreetMap website. The specifics of what we’ll map depends on how much interest there is, but may include map roads/sidewalks/bicycle paths, park benches, house numbers, public bathrooms, handicap accessible ramps, and other points of interest.

Given time constraints, the mapping party will begin at 12:30pm sharp. No experience is required, and dress comfortably since we’ll be walking outside. A laptop will be helpful to enter your data, and participants are encouraged to register an account at openstreetmap.org before the session begins.

MAPPINGDC is a local group organized around producing high quality Free (as in Freedom) maps of Washington, DC and the areas surrounding it. The group meets regularly for social events, including mapping parties. More information can be found on the OpenStreetMap wiki http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/MappingDC, and its Google group http://groups.google.com/group/mappingdc

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All talks free and open to the public!

Contact: Neil Fraistat, Director, MITH (http://mith.umd.edu, mith@umd.edu, 5-8927).

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