2/10 MITH Digital Dialogue: Jeremy Boggs, “Managing Projects in the Digital Humanities”

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A MITH Digital Dialogue

Tuesday, February 10, 12:30-1:45

MITH Conference Room, McKeldin Library B0135

“Managing Projects in the Digital Humanities”


Crucial to the success of any digital humanities project is a clear and deliberate plan for management, design and development, and connecting with users. In this presentation, Jeremy Boggs will discuss project management approaches and design/development process for digital humanities. The talk will cover initial planning for a project, working with various personnel, creating time frames and milestones, establishing an in-house design and development process, and connecting with users once a project is public.

JEREMY BOGGS is the Creative Lead at the Center for History and New Media, where he leads the web design and development team and is the project manager for Omeka. He is also a PhD student in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University. His dissertation focuses on the history of cascading style sheets as a design language for the Web. His research interests include the history of technology, history of design, and US cultural history. You can learn more about Jeremy at his website, ClioWeb (clioweb.org).

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