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8 Mar 2018


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RomaJS is a web app for customizing TEI and other ODD-based formats such as MEI.

8 Mar 2018


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coreBuilder is an open source web-based visual environment for authoring stand-off markup. The tool aims at making the application of stand-off techniques more approachable in the context of Text Encoding Initiative projects dealing with multidimensional representations of text, without substantially disrupting workflows already familiar to TEI encoders.

25 Jan 2017

Tracking Changes With diffengine

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Our most respected newspapers want their stories to be accurate because once the words are on paper, and the paper is in someone’s hands, there’s no changing them. The words are literally fixed in ink to the page, and mass produced into many copies that are pretty much impossible to recall. Reputations can rise and

31 Mar 2014

Princeton Prosody

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In late 2013, MITH partnered with the Princeton Prosody Archive to build tools and modules for processing and indexing volumes from the HathiTrust Digital Library, with the goal of creating a comprehensive online archive of English-language monographs on verse meter and prosody in the public domain. These tools allow research groups like the Prosody Archive to import HathiTrust volumes into a Drupal installation for browsing, reading, full-text search, and metadata correction.

22 May 2012

Active OCR

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Active OCR: Tightening the Loop in Human Computing for OCR Correction will develop a proof-of-concept application that will experiment with the use of active learning and other iterative techniques for the correction of eighteenth-century texts.

15 May 2012


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ANGLES proposes a bridge between humanities centers who have greater resources to program scholarly software and the scholars who form the core user community for such software through their teaching and research.

10 Feb 2012

MONK: Humanities Text Mining in the Digital Library

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MONK stands for Metadata Offer New Knowledge, and was a digital environment designed to help humanities scholars discover and analyze patterns in the texts they study. It supported both micro analyses of the verbal texture of an individual text and macro analyses that let you locate texts in the context of a large document space consisting of hundreds or thousands of other texts.

9 Feb 2012

Ajax XML Encoder (AXE)

By | 2017-02-05T21:25:42+00:00 Thu, Feb 9, 2012|

AXE is a web-based tool for "tagging" text, video, audio, and image files with XML metadata, a process that is now a necessary but onerous first step in the production of digital material.

7 Feb 2012

Text-Image Linking Environment

By | 2017-02-05T21:25:46+00:00 Tue, Feb 7, 2012|

The Text-Image Linking Environment (TILE) is a web-based tool for creating and editing image-based electronic editions and digital archives of humanities texts.