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7 Feb 2012

Text-Image Linking Environment

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The Text-Image Linking Environment (TILE) is a web-based tool for creating and editing image-based electronic editions and digital archives of humanities texts.

7 Feb 2012

Theatre Finder

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Theatre Finder is a collaboratively edited, peer reviewed, online database of historic theatre architecture from the Minoan “theatrical areas” on the island of Crete, to the last theatre built before 1815.

7 Feb 2012

Visual Accent and Dialect Archive (VADA)

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The Visual Accent & Dialect Archive (VADA) is an archive of video clips from around the world, providing both aural and visual information about a dialect or accent. Other academic speech/accent libraries and archives on the web offer only the aural aspect of learning an accent.

5 Jan 2012

Project Bamboo

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Project Bamboo was a partnership of ten research universities building shared infrastructure for humanities research. The goal of the project was to design research environments where scholars may discover, analyze and curate digital texts across the 450 years of print culture in English from 1473 until 1923, along with the texts from the Classical world upon which that print culture is based.

7 Oct 2008

EDUCE: Enhanced Digital Unwrapping for Conservation and Exploration

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Often, any attempt to read fragile texts, such as papyrus rolls, fundamentally and irreversibly alters the structure of the object in which they are contained. The EDUCE project is developing a non-destructive volumetric scanning framework to enable access to such objects without the need to physically open them. This work is based on earlier achievements

30 Sep 2008

Omeka: Easy Web Publishing for Scholarship and Cultural Heritage

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Well into the second decade of the web, many aspiring digital humanists still find it difficult to mount online exhibitions and publish collections-based research because they lack either technical skills or sufficient funding to pay high priced web design vendors. The digital libraries and archives fields have produced high quality repository and collections management software,

13 Mar 2007

Zotero and the Promise of Social Computing in Academia

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The Library of Congress contains over a million dissertations. Each of these works represents an average of four years of work by a specialist who has diligently and intelligently scanned, sorted, read, categorized, assessed, and annotated hundreds or thousands of primary and secondary sources. The staggering scale of this work--literally billions of person-hours in dissertation