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3 Oct 2017

Sarah Florini Digital Dialogue

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Though publics are often conceived of as bounded by platform, users frequently deploy platforms in conjunction to create trans-platform digitally networked publics. The multi-media and trans-platform nature of such publics provide users with a range of affordances that allow them to oscillate the public between functioning as an enclave or as a counter-public. This

5 Apr 2016

Matthew Kirschenbaum Digital Dialogue (and book launch)

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This Digital Dialogue is also a launch event for Matthew Kirschenbaum's new book Track Changes: A Literary History of Word Processing, sponsored by the English department's Center for Literary and Comparative Studies. Neil Fraistat will be on hand to host, and discuss the book with Matt. Copies will be available! About the Book: The story of

29 Jan 2016

African American History, Culture and Digital Humanities

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African American History, Culture and Digital Humanities (AADHum) was awarded to the College of Arts and Humanities (ARHU) and is being co-directed by MITH and the Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy (Center for Synergy). The project was funded by a $1.25 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for research, education and training at the intersections of digital humanities and African American studies, and will help to prepare a diverse community of scholars and students whose work will both broaden the reach of the digital humanities in African American history and cultural studies, and enrich humanities research with new methods, archives and tools.

3 Nov 2015

Trisha Campbell Digital Dialogue

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For some time, there has been a pressing need for studies that approach murder as something other than a pathological, criminological, or sociological problem to be explained, analyzed, and resolved. In this talk, I take up a new materialist approach to murder, arguing, first, that we must begin by postponing blame, and, second, that inner-city

1 May 2012

From Print to Digital: The Black Gotham Digital Archive

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I’ve spent my MITH fellowship year working on “The Black Gotham Digital Archive.” My goal is to link an interactive web site, smart phones, and the geographic spaces of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn to create a deeper understanding of nineteenth-century black New York. The project is an extension of my book, Black Gotham: A Family History

5 Dec 2006

The Digital Docket: Information Retrieval Meets Political Science

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Previous research of judicial systems has faced a trade-off between large scale quantitative inquiries focused on readily-counted behaviors, and smaller studies that allow closer examination of legal texts. I will talk about the Digital Docket project, an NSF-funded collaboration between University of Maryland's Government and Politics Department and the College of Information Studies, which aims