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The Early Americas Digital Archive is pleased to announce several new publications:

  1. Two sermons by Samson Occom, edited by Heather Bowman et. al. URL: http://mith2.umd.edu/eada/gateway/occom-bouwman.php
  2. An important document relating to the dispute between Bartolome de Las Casas and Gines de Sepulveda, ed. by Rafael Tarrago. URL: http://mith2.umd.edu/eada/gateway/tarrago.php
  3. An electronic edition of the first American edition of Olaudah Equiano's Interesting Narrative (New York, 1791). (Electronic edition by Elizabeth Kelly, Daniel Green and Nicole Menton, University of Maryland; introduction coming soon). URL: http://mith2.umd.edu/eada/html/display.php?docs=equiano_narrative.xml&action=show
  4. The Autobiography and selected poetry by Juan Francisco Manzano (1797-1854), a Cuban slave, edited and translated by Richard Madden (1840). (Electronic edition by Kevin Laurence Pitts and Anita Baksh, University of Maryland; introduction coming soon) URL: http://mith2.umd.edu/eada/html/display.php?docs=manzano_life.xml&action=show
  5. Three of Benjamin Franklin's Bagatelles: "The Whistle," "Remarks concerning the savages of North America," and "Information to those who would Remove to America " (Electronic edition by Walter Mattson and Ben Strickling, University of Maryland, introduction coming soon). URL http://mith2.umd.edu/eada/gateway/franklin.php
  6. Several poems by Phillis Wheatley from her 1773 collection Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral as well as John Wheatley's "Letter to the Publick". (Electronic edition and mark-up by Jennifer Wellman and Emily Krebbs, and Jason Jones, University of Maryland). URL: http://mith2.umd.edu/eada/gateway/wheatley.php http://mith2.umd.edu/eada/ol>

    For more detail, please see our "guest editor" page.