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In Memory of my Dear Grandchild Anne Bradstreet, who deceased June 20, 1669, being Three Years and Seven Months Old
An Electronic Edition

Anne Bradstreet1612-1672

Original Source: The Works of Anne Bradstreet in Prose and Verse. Edited by John Harvard Ellis. (Charlestown: A. E. Cutter, 1867)

Copyright 2003. This text is freely available provided the text is distributed with the header information provided.

Full Colophon Information

In memory of my dear grand-child Anne Bradstreet. Who deceased June 20. 1669. being three years and seven Moneths old.
WIth troubled heart & trembling hand I write,      
The Heavens have chang'd to sorrow my delight.      
How oft with disappointment have I met,      
When I on fading things my hopes have set?      
Experience might 'fore this have made me wise,5.
To value things according to their price:      
Was ever stable joy yet found below?      
Or perfect bliss without mixture of woe.      
I knew she was but as a withering flour,      
That's here to day, perhaps gone in an hour;10.
Like as a bubble, or the brittle glass,      
Or like a shadow turning as it was.      
More fool then I to look on that was lent,      
As if mine own, when thus impermanent.      
Farewel dear child, thou ne're shall come to me,15.
But yet a while, and I shall go to thee;      
Mean time my throbbing heart's chear'd up with this      
Thou with thy Savior art in endless bliss.