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Contributing Guest Editors

  1. Bouwman, Heather (et. al.)
    • Contributions to EADA
    • About the editor:
      • Heather Bouwman is an assistant professor at the University of St. Thomas. In fall 2001 and summer 2002, she and her graduate students in early Native American literature completed a research project on Samson Occom in which they readied two of his unpublished sermons for publication. The graduate students involved in this project include Margret Aldrich, Nicole Ferrara, Keri Henkel, Sara Hoffman, Marilyn Paulson,
        Matthew DiPietro, Todd Helmer, Ira Qyqja, and Emily Schmidt.
  2. McDonald, Jarom
  3. Pedrick, Daniel Harvey
    • Contributions to EADA
    • About the editor:
      • Dan Pedrick is an enthusiastic Hispanophile and a freelance writer on subjects of historical, equestrian, and general interest, as well as music, art, and travel. After graduating from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada in 1998 with a double major in Hispanic Studies (Hons.) and Writing, Dan was awarded a master's degree in Hispanic Studies from the same institution in 2002.
        He worked in the Computer Aided Language Learning lab at the University of Victoria until retiring from academic life in 2006. His contributions to the EADA, a transcription, translation, and introduction of The Autobiography of doña Catalina de Erauso, are drawn from his master’s thesis.
  4. Tarrago, Rafael E.