Early Americas Digital Archive
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To contribute a text to EADA

EADA will consider for publication in its database all electronic submissions of texts originally written in or about the early Americas from roughly 1492 to 1820. Preference will be given to submissions of texts relating to the colonial and revolutionary periods in the various parts of the Americas. All submissions must disclose the original source of the text. The source must be in the public domain unless explicit permission has been granted to the submitter by the copy-right owner. The electronic text submitted should be free of scanning errors and must be truthful to the specified source in order to be considered for publication in EADA. Full credit will be given to contributing editors for their work on our "Contributing Editors" page and in the header of the published text.


You may submit plain-text versions of the document you would like to have published or a fully .xml encoded document. However, all submitted documents must be in text format (image files, such as .pdf., are not acceptable, except as illustrations). If you submit an un-encoded document (in plain-text format only), the editorial decision and schedule for publication in EADA will depend on staff resources available at EADA as well as on the editors' assessment of the significance of the document to the archive at large. If you submit a fully encoded document, it must be prepared in accordance with TEI Rules and EADA Documentation.

Philological content

You may submit texts with or without your introductions and annotations. However, if you submit an introduction and/or annotations, they must be original and are subject to peer review before they can be published on EADA. If you wish to provide an introduction and annotations to a text already existing in EADA but are not familiar with .xml, you may simply copy and paste a plain text version of the document from our site, insert your philological content into the plain-text document, and resubmit the entire text to us for publication. If you are familiar with .xml, you may request from us an electronic copy of the .xml document of the text and use it as a textual basis for your edition.

In order to submit a text to EADA for editorial review, please use our electronic submission form.