Winnemore Fellowship Guidelines (2016-17)

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Winnemore Fellowship Guidelines (2016-17) 2017-02-05T21:13:37+00:00

We are now seeking applications for MITH’s Winnemore Digital Dissertation Fellowship. Applicants should be advanced graduate students whose dissertation includes innovative research agendas involving any substantive intersection between new media or new technology and the humanities.

The Winnemore Fellowship for Academic Year 2016-2017 will carry a stipend of $19,859 and will provide candidacy tuition remission for two semesters and $1,509 toward health insurance fees for the year. In addition, the Fellow will receive the consultation services of MITH staff.

We welcome applications from eligible graduate students from any part of the University. Graduate students must be enrolled in a Ph.D. or MFA program and agree not to accept any other form of financial support from the University or other fellowships of $2,000 or more during the term for which this fellowship is awarded. Fellows are expected to be in-residence throughout the duration of their fellowship, will be provided with space in MITH to conduct their work, and will have access to MITH’s collective expertise in the form of consultations as requested. Winnemore Fellows will be expected to attend MITH events, participate in development opportunities, and be engaged with the digital humanities more broadly. By the end of the fellowship, we expect fellows to have made significant progress towards the completion of their dissertation.

A committee composed of MITH staff will judge applications and consideration will be given to the extent to which new media and digital technologies are a part of the research plan and/or the pedagogical methodology being developed. Proposals should specify how a Winnemore fellowship would be crucial to the dissertation’s development.

Application Process

To apply, applicants should provide:

  • a cover letter that includes your name, program/department, college, email, phone, title of dissertation, and advisor’s name, phone, and email. The cover letter should also include the date that you completed coursework and any other degree requirements, the date that you passed your prospectus/proposal examination, the date you advanced to candidacy, and the proposed date for your dissertation defense. All dates should include month and year;
  • a current short CV;
  • a 250-word abstract of the proposal written for a general audience including your name and the title of your dissertation.
  • the proposal itself, which should be no longer than three pages and which should specifically address the following points:
    • the project that you will work on if awarded the fellowship;
    • how the use of advanced technology would help achieve your research goals and contribute to the intellectual outcome
    • a statement of work completed to date;
    • a detailed timetable or work plan for duration of the fellowship including the projected date of completion.
  • two confidential letters of recommendation, including one from their dissertation director that outlines how the applicant’s advisor will support the student’s effort for the duration of the fellowship in addition to the merit of the applicant.

All materials should be sent to Stephanie Sapienza, Project Manager at MITH, via email at by 5:00 pm on Friday, April 22, 2016 in either .doc or .pdf format.

We encourage applicants to consult with MITH regarding their applications. Please email Stephanie at or call 301.405.2142 to arrange for a fellowship application consultation. Announcements of Fellows will be made by May 1, 2016.