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25 May 2012

Almost Ready for Prime Time

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We now have two versions of a demos up and ready to run. Both allow a user to pull data from the witness files, containing manuscript transcriptions, select texts to compare, run the texts through a version of CollateX, then present the results as an alignment table (a “synopsis” in or “partitur” in some text-critical

23 May 2012

On Fish, FLA, and the Digital Humanities

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My friend Sarah Wasserman, who is finishing up a brilliant dissertation on the idea and instances of ephemerality in 20th century American literature, recently sent me a couple of online columns written by Stanley Fish a few months back on the subject on the subject of blogs and the digital humanities. Ephemerality has something to

9 May 2012

Progress Update on the Modern British Archive

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After a brief pause to reevaluate resources, aims, and methods, the Modern British archive of the Foreign Literatures in America project is back on track and slowly making progress. I’ve recently come to appreciate even more Peter Mallios’ previous blog posts comparing the FLA project to a sea voyage, both in terms of the excitement

7 May 2012

Why use visualizations to study poetry?

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The research I am doing presently uses visualizations to show latent patterns that may be detected in a set of poems using computational tools, such as topic modeling. In particular, I’m looking at poetry that takes visual art as its subject, a genre called ekphrasis, in an attempt to distinguish the types of language poets

30 Apr 2012


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The Site I’ve now updated the “Examples of Work” page on digitalmishnah.org to include viewable samples. Thanks to Kirsten Keister for setting up the light box format to view the samples. The examples include two samples of work that processes more than one text (collation, synopsis) and a number of examples of manuscripts. The Project

26 Jan 2012

Thinking about the End Product

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Since my last post, I have been working on a grant application. This has afforded the opportunity of some stock taking. I’ve also had some very helpful conversations with scholars in the field: Juan Garcés and Matt Munson in Hebrew Biblical Studies, Tim Finney in New Testament and Desmond Schmidt in textual computing and classics.

18 Jan 2012

MITH Welcomes Lisa Rhody as Winnemore Fellow

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MITH is pleased to announce Lisa Rhody,  doctoral candidate in the department of English at the University of Maryland, as the Winnemore Dissertation Fellow for Spring 2012. Rhody is completing her dissertation, "Ekphrastic Revisions: Models of Verbal-Visual Networks in Women's Contemporary Poetry," which theorizes a broader, more complex understanding of ekphrastic poetry—poems written to, for,

21 Dec 2011

Searching for the Quantum Dimension of Foreign Literature

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Reading the New York Times a few weeks back, I stumbled upon an article that made me think about the kind of research we are hoping to make possible through our efforts at Foreign Literatures in America. It was about the difficulties, blind-alleys, red-herrings, and utterly unbelievable coincidences that are now such a defining part

7 Dec 2011


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Call me Ahab: I’m the leader of the merry band of pirates about to set sail on the Foreign Literatures in America (FLA) project. If there’s one thing I like most about this project, it’s the white whaleness of it all: none of us is sure exactly where we are headed, but we are all

25 Oct 2011

Seeking Applications for Winnemore Dissertation Fellowship

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We are now seeking applications for MITH’s Winnemore Dissertation Fellowship. Applicants should be advanced graduate students whose dissertation includes innovative research agendas involving any substantive intersection between new media or new technology and the humanities. The Winnemore Fellowship for Spring 2012 will be awarded in the amount of $12,092, and will provide the scholar with