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9 Apr 2018

MITH Receives NEH Grant

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MITH is pleased to announce an award from the National Endowment for the Humanities 2017 Humanities Collections and Reference Resources program for Unlocking the Airwaves: Revitalizing an Early Public and Educational Radio Collection. Unlocking the Airwaves, directed by Stephanie Sapienza with Co-PI Eric Hoyt, is a multi-institutional collaboration between MITH, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the

27 Mar 2018

Chris Mustazza Digital Dialogue

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Chris Mustazza
University of Pennsylvania
MITH Conference Room
Tue, Apr 3, 2018
12:30 pm

How can we construct a literary history of recorded poetry that recognizes media as an intrinsic dimension of the poems’ forms? Given the longtime understanding of the recorded poem as, at best, a simulacrum of a primary, written text (if not of the live performance, too—a copy of a copy), poetry recordings have not

20 Mar 2018

Archives in the Anthropocene

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Arte Público Press, Recovery Project, Social Justice and DH Speaker Series Feb 15, 2018  ·  Houston, TX I want to frame my talk around a quote from Community Futures Lab co-director Rasheedah Phillips from her workshop “Time, Memory, and Justice in Marginalized Communities.” She states "Oral Futures is about speaking into existence

13 Mar 2018

Kaiama Glover Digital Dialogue

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Kaiama Glover
Barnard College
sx archipelagos
MITH Conference Room
Wed, Mar 28, 2018
12:30 pm

This presentation discusses the conceptualization and development of interactive cartographic platform In the Same Boats: Toward an Intellectual Cartography of the Afro-Atlantic. In the Same Boats is a work of multimodal scholarship designed to encourage the collaborative production of humanistic knowledge within scholarly communities. Comprising two interactive visualizations that trace the movements of seminal cultural actors from the Caribbean and wider

5 Mar 2018

Roopika Risam, Thursday March 8 at MITH: ‘Visualizing Du Bois: The Politics of Literary Recovery’

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We are excited to have Roopika Risam on campus to kick off a weekend of digital humanities events between March 8 and 10th. Risam’s work focuses on the intersections between postcolonial, African American, and US ethnic studies, and the role of digital humanities in mediating between them. Please join us Thursday, March 8th at 3:00

27 Feb 2018

Laurie Allen Digital Dialogue

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Laurie Allen
University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Monument Lab​
MITH Conference Room
Tue, Mar 13, 2018
12:30 pm

In the fall of 2017, Philadelphia was the site of 20 temporary monuments created by local and international artists across 10 public parks as part of a citywide art and history project curated by Paul Farber and Ken Lum, and produced in partnership with Mural Arts Philadelphia. These included an afro pick embedded on

22 Feb 2018

Inviting UMD Participants to a Regional DH Symposium, March 9, 2018

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Interested in meeting and talking with other scholars in digital studies in the arts and humanities? Join us for a working meeting on regional DHcollaborations hosted by the Scholars’ Lab at the University of Virginia, March 9th. The symposium aims to gather a diverse group of voices who are working in these areas to foster

20 Feb 2018

Alison Langmead Digital Dialogue

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Alison Langmead
University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh
MITH Conference Room
Tue, Feb 27, 2018
12:30 pm

Since the early days of the field, art and architectural historians have relied on image-based reproductions of our primary source material to do our work. And yet, Photography and digitization—the two main image-reproduction technologies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries—do not duplicate their subjects uncritically. They have actively shaped our disciplines in sometimes overt,

19 Feb 2018

Ethics and Archiving the Web

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MITH is very excited to announce our participation in the Ethics and Archiving the Web National Forum which will be taking place at the New Museum in New York City, March 22-24. This collaboration between Rhizome and the Documenting the Now project will bring together activists, librarians, journalists, archivists, scholars, developers, and designers who are

19 Feb 2018

Endangered Data Week, February 26 – March 2, 2018

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Led by the Digital Library Federation, Endangered Data Week, February 26 – March 2, is an international, collaborative effort, coordinated across campuses, nonprofits, libraries, citizen science initiatives, and cultural heritage institutions, to shed light on public datasets that are in danger of being deleted, repressed, mishandled, or lost. The goals of Endangered Data Week are to