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7 Apr 2015

Early use data on a participatory digital edition

By | 2017-02-05T21:14:00+00:00 Tue, Apr 7, 2015|Fellows, Research, Winnemore Fellows|

A list of the most-used annotations tags on the site Infinite Ulysses, the participatory digital edition of James Joyce's challenging novel Ulysses, is now about one month into its open beta-testing period. In this post, I'll describe how I went about user-testing the edition, and share some early statistics about the edition's use. On April

10 Mar 2015

Come read with us!: an update on the Infinite Ulysses participatory digital edition

By | 2017-02-05T21:14:00+00:00 Tue, Mar 10, 2015|Fellows, Winnemore Fellows|

Since my last post in January, I've used feedback from generous beta-testers to bring the Infinite Ulysses participatory digital edition up to where I'd hoped it would be by the end of my dissertation. In the past, I invited users in small batches from a list of readers who signed up to beta-test. I wanted to continue testing early and often,

14 Jan 2015

An Invitation to Beta-Test the Infinite Ulysses Digital Edition

By | 2017-02-05T21:14:03+00:00 Wed, Jan 14, 2015|Fellows, Research, Winnemore Fellows|

In my previous post on this blog, I introduced my dissertational Infinite Ulysses project: a participatory digital edition that I've designed and coded for my uniquely shaped literature dissertation. I've now finished most of the work of building of the site. I've also finalized decisions around the online community experience such as writing statements on

27 Apr 2012

“How Can You Love a Work If You Don’t Know It?”: Six Lessons from Team MARKUP

By | 2017-02-05T21:14:36+00:00 Fri, Apr 27, 2012|Research|

Team MARKUP, a group of graduate students working with the Shelley-Godwin Archive, evolved as a encoding project in Professor and MITH Director Neil Fraistat's Technoromanticism graduate seminar (English 738T) during the Spring 2012 term at the University of Maryland; our team was augmented by several students in the sister course taught by Professor Andrew Stauffer

7 Feb 2012

Extremely Visible and Incredibly Close Reading of Logos

By | 2017-02-05T21:14:49+00:00 Tue, Feb 7, 2012|Community|

The Foreign Literatures in America (FLA) project’s intellectual goals present a graphic design challenge marked by a delicate balance. We’re creating an archive that will demonstrate how the idea of Americanness has been shaped by actors beyond those traditionally labelled “American”; how do we create a logo and other graphic properties that reflect this focus

25 Jan 2012

THATCamp Games: Maryland Is For Gamers

By | 2017-02-05T21:14:52+00:00 Wed, Jan 25, 2012|Community, Events, News|

Sheet of stickers from THATCamp Games 2012. THATCamp Games, last weekend’s four-day unconference on digital humanities and gaming, had its origin in a packed “humanities gaming” catch-all session at THATCamp Prime 2011, where we quickly realized that “games” was too broad a topic for a single session. THATCamp Games brought together members of

5 Oct 2011

MITH Sponsors THATCamp Games

By | 2011-10-05T13:23:53+00:00 Wed, Oct 5, 2011|Community, Events|

I'm delighted to announce MITH as an official sponsor of the January 2012 THATCamp Games, a themed humanities and technology unconference covering the research, teaching, and playing of games of all kinds (read more about the idea of the unconference here). The focus of THATCamp Games is "hack over yack" (!); we hope you'll leave